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Tidy Geashill

Like so many villages involved in Tidy Towns, we are aware of the importance of keeping our village and its approach roads clean, tidy and litter and weed free year around.

This is no easy task, especially as our committee have not used any herbicides for at least 5 years now so 100% of our weeding is done manually by our many volunteers. Manual weeding especially in a wet summer can be a daily grind but by asking volunteers to take just one small section and being responsible for just that area we find that the workload can be shared.

Some of our recent and ongoing projects in this area include:

  • Our very successful Scooperhero campaign encouraging those in the community who walk dogs to scoop their poop and become a Scooperhero!​

  • Poowatch An ongoing on and offline campaign highlighting areas of dog fouling in order to encourage people to more responsible dog ownership

  • Our Walk and Pick  initiative which supplies local walkers and joggers with litter pickers, gloves and bags so they can litter pick as they walk! 

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