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From composting to recycling to the setting up of the Geashill Sustainable Energy Committee, we are working across all sectors of the community to educate, to help and to provide practical information on more sustainable alternatives. We also recognise the role these projects have on a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals

Some of our recently completed and ongoing projects in this area include:

  • The creation of the Geashill Sustainable Energy Committee whose goal is to provide practical information on renewable energy alternatives and funding to our community

  • "Geashill Gets Tough on Plastics" campaign aimed and raising awareness of plastics recycling in Offaly and providing practical, local alternatives to plastics use around the home.

  • The creation of our Bee Mural made from recycled plastic bottle tops on the wall of Geashill National School highlights the links between unsustainable use of plastic and biodiversity breakdown in our fragile ecosystem. 

  • We have been collecting and harvesting rainwater in Geashill since 2015 and estimate that well over 10,000 litres of treated water has been saved through this initiative. 

  • In January 2019 we were saddened by the closure of our local Post Office which also housed our very popular free book exchange facility.  With the completion of the restoration of our Telefón Box, an opportunity arose to relocate the facility which is widely used. 

  • In 2022 we added a new "Dropped Pin" Sculpture into the ground of Geashill National School which the children are using to collect plastic bottle tops.  

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