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A Brief History of Geashill

The village of Geashill was founded as an Anglo Norman Manor in the twelfth century. Originally it consisted of a timber castle on an earthen mound replaced in the fifteenth century by a stone tower house. 

Information tell us that in 1600, Lettice Fitzgerald daughter of Gerald, Lord Offaly married Sir Robert Digby of Coleshill in Warwickshire, thus establishing the Digby family as landlords of one of the largest estates in Offaly at almost 30,000 acres.

In the nineteenth century the Digby’s, through their then Land Agent William Trench developed Geashill as a planned village and built a manor house near the ruins of the medieval tower house. The house was burned own during the Civil War of the 1920s.


Today the remains of the Anglo Norman Tower and the Manor House are in private ownership.

Geashill Manor & remains of Anglo Norman Tower
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