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Community Development

Creating a village where both residents and visitors alike can live, work and recreate is incredibly important to us. We try to play a role where possible in community development, highlighting and supporting projects that will enhance our village, whether its infrastructural improvements, inclusivity projects or hosting or helping out at community events. We are lucky to have a fantastic community and welcome all new residents to our open, diverse and friendly village. Together with other community groups  we hold regular events and walks throughout the year, from Dawn Chorus walks, to community information evenings, craft fairs, sports days and more. 

We are fortunate to have a good working relationship with our local authority and local councillors on projects such as the undergrounding of the ESB wires, road and pavement improvements, acquiring and installing new public seating and lighting and look forward to further developments. 

Economic development has to be at the heart of any community and we welcome and support and projects or developments that can bring more people and increased spending into our community. 

Geashill National School is at the heart of our community and we continue to work together on many diverse projects. Over the last number of years the children have created poems, songs and dances, experience stone carving, helped plant hedges and much more.  We look forward to continuing this relationship long into the futur 


Reimagining the Picnic Area - 2021

We are really excited to share with you some planned improvements and new features for our Picnic area. We hoped to have an event to share this info, but it cant happen just yet & we do want your feedback so are sharing our exciting plans below!


  1. Removal of existing circular shrubbery area at the centre of the picnic area and replacement with a new circular seating feature with planting around the outside. This seating area will be fully wheelchair accessible. This area is designed to reduce traffic noise and offer a place to sit and view our Heremon & Heber Sculptures

  2. The creation of a small Raingarden area within this new circular seated area. A raingarden is a shallow area of ground which will receives run-off water from the picnic area carpark It is planted with plants that can stand waterlogging for up to 48 hours at a time. The area won’t appear wet as such but the ground will be damper than that around it. This is a great natural filtration system rather than rainwaters simply going into nearly drains

  3. The creation of a series of wetland ponds on the side of the picnic area nearest the road which will be fed with water from the Raingarden. These will be shallow wildlife ponds which will be muddy around the edges and hold water year around in the middle. They will be planted with appropriate planting. The ground between them will be lowered slightly and will be damp in winter and dry up in summer. This area was historically a wetland and is featured as the ‘Yellow Lough’ in old maps of the village, pre tarmac’d roads being installed.                                             

These features are designed to really enhance this area and create lots of points of interest, new things to see and the wetland ponds should attract a huge variety of insects, animals, birds, small mammals, (tadpoles, frogs etc) and be a real addition to this area.

All of these features, especially the wetlands are in consultation with our Area Engineer, Local Area Water Protection Officer and wetlands experts and with safety always top of mind.

Funding for these projects is through Town & Village grants with support of Offaly County Council and also though  Community Water Development fund, with supplemental labour being provided free of charge by local volunteers.

You can see proposed drawing of how the seated area will look and outline plans of the wetlands below. If you have ANY feedback, queries or concerns email or call 0860357588 or 0864664566

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