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Géisil, Uibh Fhaile

Geashill is a Heritage Village steeped in History. Originally a planned estate village within the Digby Estate - the largest in the County - Geashill has become a vibrant and busy community with our local Primary School, Shop, Pubs and other businesses as well as a strong farming tradition at its core.

Geashill, a Brief History

Battle of Geashill Sculpture

Architectural Conservation Area

Alderborough Nursery

Geashill in 50 Objects

Geashill - Publications

Most books available to purchase through Offaly Historical Society -

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Heremon & Heber and the Battle of Geashill

Clemens von Ow


Lettice Baroness Offaly & The Siege of Geashill

Clemens von Ow


Geashill, The Evolution of its Architecture

Rachel Mc Kenna


Killeigh and Geashill
A Pictoral Record

John Kearney


William Stuart Trench and his management of the Digby Estate, Kings County, 1857-71

Mary Delaney


Offaly Through Time and its Townlands

Thomas Lee


The Long Ridge - Towards a History of Killeigh Parish

John Kearney


Poem and Ballads of Edward  (the Poet Egan)

Michael Byrne, Anne O'Rourke & Tim O'Rourke

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