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Streetscapes and Landscaping

We are incredibly fortunate to have a village so rich in beautiful built heritage and Geashill Tidy Towns has done its best to ensure that our local streetscape and landscaping is in-keeping with the Heritage aspect of community.

Through individual projects and working closely with Offaly County Council and other appropriate stakeholders we are continually working to improve the overall appearance of our Village. 

We have been fortunate to receive funding from the Town and Village Renewal Scheme, Offaly County Council and Creative Ireland over the last number of years and there are a number of completed and ongoing projects in progress currently


These include:

  • The Undergrounding of Electricity wires in the centre of the Village, phases 1 and 2 completed by end 2021

  • The addition of our Heritage & Crow Information Boards

  • The addition of new Picnic Benches & Heritage Seating throughout the village delivered through  Town & Village (Covid) funding

  • The restoration of an original entrance to the Green and subsequent stone carving at entrance by Stone Carver Ciarán Byrne

  • The restoration of an original Telefón Box which is now used as our Free Book Exchange

  • The recently completed Battle Of Geashill Sculptures

  • Our Green landscaping throughout the village

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